The Best Bread Maker of 2020

What is the Best Bread Maker? Tips and Secrets.

Wonder Bread is one of the most common options in hundreds of shopping lists. However, the smell, texture and taste of fresh home-made bread are twice greater than any purchased product.

Many people still hesitate, whether to try baking their own bread due to the long and laborious process of cooking. But, the secret truth is that baking bread can be incredibly easy! How can you create your own fresh loaves with ease? Is it possible to get a high-quality product with minimum efforts? Sure. The bread maker will help!

The prices for top rated bread machines greatly vary. You can find a budget device for less than a hundred dollars, as well as an advanced solution for over several hundreds of bucks.

As for the other kitchen appliances, the prices for the best rated bread makers differ depending on the number of functions and additional options. The first thing you need to do is to consider, whether you need a device with several cycles, as well as if you are planning to bake other bakery products. Pay attention to the size of your bread baking machine that has a significant impact on its price.

top rated bread maker

Advantages of Bread Machines

No preservatives and dyes. When you purchase loaves in the bakery or local supermarket, you never know, what ingredients were actually used for the cooking. With a small bread machine, you can easily avoid using any chemicals and offer products of perfect quality to your family and friends.

Create pieces of the bakery with customizable ingredients. Using the best bread machine will give you an opportunity to follow your diet and even bake bread without gluten. Use your favorite receipts. Feel free to add raisins, sunflower seeds, walnuts or any other fillings to make your perfect bread!

Save money. Baking using any top rated bread machine might easily help you to save your family budget.

Easy cleaning. The only thing you need to do after receiving your loaf is to wash a pan.

If you look for bread maker reviews, as well as consumer reports bread machine, you will definitely find plenty of things you need to consider before shopping for the best bread maker. What are the most important parameters of this kind of kitchen appliance?

Bread Maker Reviews

Best Overall

Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker

Panasonic bread maker$109.99


Amazon Customer Reviews


  • What feature makes this bread machine special? The matter is that in most bread makers you need to mix yeast and other ingredients. However, Panasonic SD-YD250 has some peculiarities concerning this option: the device has a separate dispenser for yeast that chooses the right time for mixing your ingredients automatically! Being an incredibly smart device, this best buy bread maker also attracts customers with a specially developed delay option: you can postpone your baking process for a few hours.
  • Another great utility of this bread machine is its top-notch function of superfast baking, as well as choosing the size of your bread loaf and its crust type.
  • And one more benefit to amaze you: Panasonic SD-YD250 is able to create pizza dough! No more spending money on pizza delivery: now you can create your own superb pizza! Not to mention, the machine has a nonstick pan that is really easy to wash.


  • No viewing window.

Being one of the smallest devices in our list, this best bread machine amazes with its high functionality and user-friendly interface. The device has a limited number of buttons, so you are not likely to be confused with dozens of advanced functions you are not going to use. The price for the bread maker is absolutely reasonable: you can easily pick it up for under $100.

Best Value

Jarden Oster CKSTBRTW20 Bread Maker

Jarden Oster bread maker$69.99


Amazon Customer Reviews


  • What features does this bread machine offer? First, it’s a delayed start that allows you to have an incredibly fresh, crispy and delicious loaf exactly when you need. Tired of waiting for hours to try your self-made loaf? Just set up a special timer and get your tasty dinner when you really need it.
  • Second, it’s a specially developed display that enables you to control every step of the process of baking bread.
  • Third, it’s rapid baking for those, who value their time or just don’t want to wait for hours until the bread is done. Not to mention, you can easily enjoy your delicious loaf in less than 50 minutes. Sounds really great, for those, who are always in a hurry! Moreover, this option is also great, when your guests suddenly decide to drop on your house: you will get crispy loaves as soon as they arrive.


  • This top rated bread maker has a whopping number of nine advanced options for almost any type of bread. This bread machine might fit perfectly small families and individuals, who don’t require baking loaves over 2 pounds.
  • All in all, Oster bread machine allows its users to bake various types of bread, including pizza dough and French bread. However, if you are planning to bake gluten-free loaves of bread, consider looking for another model.

Are you looking for a small bread machine with plenty of great features? This model, developed by the famous Oster Company, is likely to meet all your requirements. The price of the device doesn’t exceed $70, making it the best affordable bread maker. Most users highly recommend this machine with its high quality and attractive price. Not to mention, the majority of devices on the market are available for the price of $100. So, this option might be really life-saving, when you need to purchase the device for the low price.

Best for Gluten-Free Bread

Cuisinart CBK-100 2 LB Bread Maker

Cuisinart bread maker$67.95


Amazon Customer Reviews


  • Cuisinart bread maker is able to reload and continue its operations after a power outage. So, you will never be disappointed and have no bread when coming home after the long working day. As for washing and cleaning, the best home bread maker is surely hitting the top of the most convenient devices: the needed parts and details are removable and can be cleaned with minimum efforts.
  • The device supports baking a wide variety of other types of bread, which makes it absolutely universal. You are also free to choose different kinds of loaf size and crust colors.


  • However, bread maker machine is relatively big and might require additional space in your kitchen.
  • It is also tall, which makes the user experience less pleasant: in some cases, you are not able to watch you bread baking in a special glass window.
  • Cuisinart CBK-100 might not be convenient for families with little kids and those, who can’t stand loud noise. The machine has a too loud alarm that can’t be adjusted.

There are thousands of people, searching for an opportunity to bake their own gluten-free bread. This device is developed exactly for these purposes! Although most modern bread baking solutions lack this feature, Cuisinart CBK-100 can easily cope with baking gluten-free loaves.

Most Settings

Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker

Breville bread maker$249.95


Amazon Customer Reviews


  • The machine is able to create almost all the types of bread you can imagine in the shortest terms! Furthermore, you are likely to meet the needs of all the members of your big family, because the device offers tons of advanced options and functions.
  • It has one more feature none of its analogs still have: it’s a collapsible paddle! No more worries about damaging your device!


  • Due to its high functionality, this kind of bread maker remains to have a higher price than its more simple analogs.

This solution is really great for experienced cookers, who are ready to spend their free time creating different loaves. Baking bread for friends and family might easily become one of your hobbies since the device has an incredible amount of thirteen fully customized regimes.

Best for Whole Grain Bread

Hamilton Beach 29882 Bread Maker

best bread maker$56.16


Amazon Customer Reviews


  • This device has a specially developed system of signals: it gives you a cue when it’s time to add the needed ingredients.
  • The overall experience of using the machine is really pleasant: it can easily cope with dozens of kinds of bread baking, starting from classical loaves, preferred by most families to cute and delicious cakes for special occasions.
  • If you need a delay option, it is also available with the standard time settings. If you are looking for even more benefits a bread maker can offer, this device comes with convenient rubber feet.


  • Due to the best bread maker consumer reports, the paddle of Hamilton Beach bread maker gets loose.

This best rated bread maker is another universal tool that is likely to fit all the requirements of a common user. The machine has an average number of customized options and is able to make your baking process quick and easy.

Learn How to Pick one!

  1. Fixed and removable pan. Most experts recommend choosing removable pans since they are really easy to wash and clean. Not-sticking coating is an additional benefit for easy cleaning.
  2. Loaves’ shape. If you take a look for dozens of bread maker reviews, you might be surprised that these kitchen appliances can bake bread of various forms. Most devices with vertical pans create tall loaves; while the horizontal ones allow baking classical loaves. However, when it comes to your kneading dough, horizontal pans are usually not as convenient as vertical ones.
  3. Level of noise. As a rule, low-quality devices tend to be noisier than the best bread makers.
  4. Additional settings. The majority of the baking devices offer at least several functions for controlling the final product. Best bread makers have additional options for baking various types of bread, including gluten-free, whole wheat and classical white. Some appliances offer advanced settings for baking sweet pieces of bread or even small cakes. Furthermore, you can adjust the crust color setting that gives you an opportunity to bake light, medium or dark loaves, according to your personal preferences. This function is developed to help you to delay the start of baking bread. You can easily switch on your favorite top bread maker and get fresh loaves at a certain preset time. If you would like to check the progress of baking, it’s a good idea to buy a device with a special viewing window.
  5. Warm-up. If you don’t know an exact time, when you are going to eat your loaf, just set up a special “Keep warm” option. This will keep the bread warm until you open your baking device.
  6. Rapid bake. If you are often in a hurry, a rapid bake feature is right for you. It will help you bake loaves much quicker than in a standard regime.
  7. Automatic dispenser for additional ingredients.  In most cases, when you need to add special ingredients, like fruits or nuts, you will need to do it by yourself at a certain time. However, some of the best bread bakers can easily do it for you! Just fill the dispenser and your machine will do the job automatically.
top rated bread maker

Answers to Common Bread Maker Questions

What is the difference between bread type cycles?

You will use different settings to make different types of bread, such as white, whole wheat, or quick bread. These cycles vary according to the time needed for mixing, kneading, rising, and baking.

Do all bread makers leave a hole in the bottom of a loaf?

Unfortunately, even the best bread maker relies on a mixing paddle that will leave a hole.

Why is my bread machine failing to mix or bake properly?

Old bread stuck underneath the mixing/kneading blade will impede rotation. Always take out the blade and wash everything before the operation.

An immobile blade could also result from a broken mechanical connection between the motor and the blade. When choosing the best automatic bread maker, look for the bread machine reviews that mention durability and longevity.

Aside from technical problems, double check that you’re adding the correct ingredients. Forgetting yeast or liquid ingredients could produce a hard dough that resists mixing.

What do I do when bread sticks inside a bread maker?

Don’t scrape the bread pan with a knife because you could damage the nonstick finish. Instead, loosen the bread by knocking the pan against a cutting board.

Will I save money baking bread at home instead of buying bread?

Yes, you will save money. You can expect to pay roughly $0.75 per homemade loaf. Even the cheapest bread at the store will cost a $1.00 a loaf, and better products easily cost up to $4.00 a loaf. Over the course of a year, you can expect to recoup the cost of your bread maker.

How much time does it take to make bread with a bread maker?

The process of letting the dough rise and bake requires roughly three to four hours. You’ll need to plan ahead to have fresh bread. Many models include delay timers that make it easy to load the machine when it’s convenient for you and have fresh bread exactly when you want it. Check bread machine reviews to see how well this feature works for other people.

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